BiVB Bloemenbemiddeling

Brings grower and customer closer through mediation and sales management. Specialized in a big product range of gerberas and geminis in any size as wished.

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The relationship we have built up with our customers over the years is solid and reliable. We also make frequent visits to our customers and know them well. We pay a lot of attention to recruiting new customers and relations.



BiVB-Bloemenbemiddeling mediates between grower and customer. We take care of day trading and long-term sales of a range of gerbera varieties of various packaging. Day in day out, via an online platform, we bulge the auction clocks and investigate where the customer’s needs lie; we make clear agreements and monitor them. Service is paramount at BiVB bloemenbemiddeling.


About us

The foundation of BiVB Bloemenbemiddeling was laid decades ago by Gert-Jan van Egmond, the face behind the organization. As a little boy he already showed great interest in the profession that his father practised as a breeder. That interest grew into a real passion and his enthusiasm was so great that at the age of eighteen Gert-Jan was already trading flowers at auction by buying and selling the auction clocks.


After having learned all the ins and outs of the industry for over 30 years, Gert-Jan has naturally acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience and a network of valuable and trusted contacts. These powerful tools and a natural drive and enthusiasm make BiVB-Bloemenbemiddeling a reliable partner on which both grower and customer can really rely. And not only during office hours, because we are active and available 24/7.

To the growers

Gert-Jan van Egmond