BiVB-Bloemenbemiddeling mediates between grower and customer. We take care of day trading and long-term sales of a range of Gerbera varieties of various packaging. Day in day out, via an online platform, we bulge the auction clocks and investigate where the customer’s needs lie; we make clear agreements and monitor them. Service is paramount at BiVB bloemenbemiddeling.

Thanks to mediation and sale management, we are able to relieve the grower and customer of work and concerns. This allows the grower to focus purely on his production and the cultivation of gerberas. The customers do not have to worry about ordered gerberas. We then focus on the further process; guide the orders from grower to customer. We ensure that all parties are satisfied, and we prove to be good at that.

Day trading and long-term and short-term sales.

We have a contract with 6 permanent gerbera growers in the Netherlands, work efficiently via an online platform and often trade the flowers directly to the customer and via the auction clock. 

BiVB-Bloemenbemiddeling is thus able to efficiently guide fresh flowers from the grower to the customer on a daily basis. Quality flowers, at the agreed time and location.

For long-term sales and making year-round agreements with our customers, we can rely on our years of experience and the data from previous periods that are available to us at the growers. This way realistic price agreements fot the long and short term can be established.


Floriday is the central place where commercial and logistics processes are handled. With Floriday i twill become accessible bij offering a platform where buyers and growers come together. We arrange this entire process for our growers.

The advantages:

  • A central place fort he stock
  • Smart solutions for smaller orders
  • As a grower you can fully focus on the garden, we will take care of the rest.

Every day we send our best offers twice via Hortiheat from wich you can order immediately.


Our aftercare is at least as important as our sales activities. Through our after sales activities and careful quality control, we monitor the process and monitor whether all agreements made ( to the satisfaction of all) have been fulfilled.


The relationship we have build up with our customers over the years is solid and reliable. We therefore make frequent visits to our customers and know them well. We pay a lot of attention to recruiting new customers and relations.

The less and less auctioning going to the clock nowadays offers more scope to approach, visit en eventually collaborate with new growers. There are plans to further expand our company and our services to mediation for growers of various other flower types. And by expanding the number of growers, we can also serve more customers with our mediation activities.

In this way we create an interesting, dynamic environment for all parties involved to trade various types of flowers. 

BiVB-Bloemenbemiddeling likes to develop further, and we look forward to every next step